Understanding Travel-Related Concerns

Want To Plan A Trip To Orlando But Overwhelmed? Let An Agent Help You Master The Parks

If you are planning a trip to Orlando and you want to hit all the major theme parks, you want to talk with a travel agent. If you're hoping to do some of the Disney Theme parks, along with Sea World, Universal Studios and more, you don't want to leave the accommodations and planning in the hands of someone who hasn't done it before.

Instead, you'll want to talk with a travel agent that specializes in booking these types of trips and that can set up your trip perfectly. Here are some things to talk with the agent about.

Staying at Facilities with Shuttles

If you don't want to worry about driving when you're on vacation, let the agent know you want to stay at a resort or facility that has shuttles to all the major theme parks. This way you can wake up and walk to the bus stop, and you don't have to worry about driving home tired.  Most will even have a shuttle that picks you up at the airport.

Arrange Passes in Advance

The agent should be able to arrange all your passes for the different days you want to do things, so you don't miss out on shows, dining plans and other things while you're at the different resorts. Seeing certain characters, getting special passes, and eating at the restaurants you want to go to for you.

Planning Out Additional Expenses

Your travel agent can let you know what each resort will cover, and then what the cost will be to do the extra things that you want to do while you're in Orlando. You want to be prepared to have the cash that you need, and to set a realistic budget for the vacation. This way you can save money accordingly before you leave for the trip.

Seeing all of these different attractions when you go to Orlando can be difficult, and it can be overwhelming if you've never done it before. If you want to have a smooth trip that is already planned out for, and then all you have to do is show up at the parks with your passes and itinerary, then using a travel agent will be the best option for you on your vacation. Just be sure to let the Adventures by Disney travel agent know you want to spend a day or two just lounging around the pool and relaxing since it's a vacation.